Thursday, October 14, 2010

Choice of Name and Prenatal Education, Part 2

Is there such a thing as prenatal education?

The knowledge of the cosmic Law of the Attraction of Homogeneous Species also allows what we generally call “prenatal education” to appear in a new light and helps us to understand what really happens in the process.

The proponents of this “education” think it is possible to decisively impress a child even when it is still in the mother’s womb. One could form character traits through appropriate means or bring qualities to unfold, which would otherwise not develop or at least not to the same degree.
A foetus is aware of external stimuli and reacts to them – this is a fact that has been proved by numerous experiences. For example, a child can recognise a certain piece of music, which was regularly played to it during pregnancy.

The so-called prenatal education uses predominantly the senses of hearing and touch. It is assumed that if we speak or read selected texts to the foetus, if we sing to it or let it listen to music, this positively influences the child and enhances the development of its hearing abilities or also its musicality.

If through repeated gentle pressure of her hand, the mother lets the foetus feel that a peaceful, protective atmosphere is around it, then this devotion is expected to strengthen the child’s self-confidence and its sense of inner security.

As has already been depicted in this series, the child’s spirit remains in the immediate vicinity of the mother-to-be during the pregnancy and “bathes” in her aura, as it were. As a consequence, the child sympathises with the emotions of the mother – for instance the joy she feels on a walk in nature or when listening to a piece of music, but also her sorrow or fear. Therefore, mothers would be well advised to avoid unpleasant, distressing impressions and to seek only that which is uplifting and beautiful and natural. For in this way, the child also receives impetus for its sense of beauty, for happiness and confidence in life.

Nonetheless, one should not conclude from these contexts, as do the advocates of “prenatal education”, that the basis of a strong and balanced character is actually decisively formed by the behaviour of the mother during pregnancy.

Although it offers positive impulses, prenatal education in reality does not cause any fundamental change in the spirit of the child. Here something else comes into play, namely the Law of the Attraction of Homogeneous Species once again: If the mother listens to a lot of music during pregnancy or perhaps even plays music herself, then through her own musicality she can attract a spirit which has the same qualities. Yet she does not really change the nature of the child. The child brings along its own musicality.

If the mother’s behaviour were really to decisively determine the abilities and characteristics of the child, it would be highly unjust, because then we would all actually be the victims of circumstances. The Laws of Creation do not permit such a thing. Every person harvests what he himself has sown. The life which we are allowed to or indeed have to lead is essentially always the result of our own endeavours.

Naturally, all the efforts of a mother during her pregnancy to live in peace and harmony, so that her child can develop in an unspoilt and beautiful atmosphere, are also to be welcomed all the same. Every mother should be encouraged to adopt such an orientation. But the key opportunity for her does not lie in the “prenatal education” of a soul already incarnated, but is presented to her way beforehand: in the choice of the soul which attaches itself to her as child.

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