Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Choice of Name and Prenatal Education

The choice of first name – pure coincidence?

We do not normally concern ourselves especially with our first name. We are used to it and we use it without thinking much about it. Often, however, our parents have pondered for a long time before they gave us that name. Do such considerations make sense? Do first names have a deeper meaning, can they be suitable or unsuitable, or is it all just the same whether someone is called Francis or George, Isabella or Suzanne?

Looked at cursorily, it could be assumed that first names are chosen randomly, just to name a young person somehow. In reality this is not the case, however, because every first name holds a particular power and corresponds to the personality of the one who bears it. Neither does the choice of name happen by chance, but the decision of the parents is controlled by the cosmic Law of the Attraction of Homogeneous Species.

A name for the “vibration”

Everything in our surroundings – be it stones, plants or artificially made objects, display certain characteristics. Colour, form, composition and material – they all enable us to distinguish things clearly from one another. We humans sense the particular “vibration” or “energy” which goes out from something.

Also, each tone has its particular “colour”, a radiation of its own. By naming an object we are unconsciously impelled by the power of the attraction of similar species to choose a suitable designation, thus to use sounds, the qualities of which correspond to the concerned item.
Thus names and designations for things are not chosen randomly, they are not arbitrarily interchangeable labels, rather each designation expresses something, it “vibrates” in a similar way as an object and possesses a certain “colour”, “energy” and “power”.

The same also goes for the name of a person. It denotes the person’s particular nature, which manifests in his radiations. The personal qualities of a soul are expressed in the name.
The fact that the choice of first name is usually made before the birth of the child does not contradict this reality. The parents can already sense the child’s radiations during the pregnancy, since the spirit has become attached to the mother long before the birth.

Everyone has most likely experienced the close relationship to one’s name. For instance, we immediately feel deeply agitated when our name is mispronounced and correct our conversation partner if this should happen repeatedly.

For parents, the particular individual significance of each first name is easy to recognise. They need only imagine exchanging their children’s names and they will already sense the discordant tones – and not only for reasons of habit: name and child simply do not harmonise any more.

The necessity of accord between the person and his name is naturally also true for twins. Although they are very similar physically, twins have two different spirits. Both have their own path in life behind them, which led them through the former incarnations, both have developed their own personality and both therefore need “their” names. The example is shown in the following true-life story:

A woman gave birth to twins and told the midwife the names she had chosen for the two girls. But she noticed to her great dismay from the wristbands when the daughters were brought to her that the names had been mixed up: the firstborn – she should have been called Maria – bore the name of the second-born, Emma, and vice versa. The mother immediately asked that the error be corrected. It was pointed out to her that the children were already registered with these names and that the mix-up would have no consequences anyway, since they were both her daughters. The mother would have nothing of this and, appalled, vigorously insisted that the record be corrected. Finally she was told that this would be done – for the relief of the mother, but also for the benefit of both girls.

Under the child’s pressure …

In view of the great importance of the name, it was customary in some cultures to leave the choice to the priest or shaman. Nowadays, in most cases the parents determine their child’s first name. Nonetheless, the choice of name is not made arbitrarily or by accident, but it is subject to pressure of the child’s radiation. The child’s spirit is connected with the little body developing in the mother’s womb and it radiates in its own way and thereby also has a steering influence on the parents, it guides their thoughts in a certain direction and ultimately determines the choice of name. The name is thus in accord with the child’s radiations, it suits the child.

Thus it can also happen that parents who already had a first name in mind before the pregnancy suddenly change their mind, because they come to the conclusion that the name really does not “suit the child”. Others, who for a long time could not think of a suitable name for their child, suddenly perceive with all clarity what he should be named. Often parents also experience that despite intensive pondering, no suitable name for a boy comes to mind and they can only think of girls’ names, and then it turns out that in fact a girl is born.

The fact that a child sometimes bears the same first name as one of the parents likewise does not contradict the lawfulness in finding the name: As was already made clear in part 3 of this series, the Law of the Attraction of Homogeneous Species determines that human spirits with a certain like-mindedness can come together in a family. The similarity of a name can bring this to expression.

How can the changing trends in the choice of first names be judged, thus the fact that in every generation there are always very popular names and that names which have hardly been used for decades suddenly become the vogue again for a time? Also this supposed fad is based on the Law of the Attraction of Homogeneous Species. It is reflected in the particular style of each epoch in the social and historical context, which always attracts a certain type of human spirits and this also comes to expression in the frequently used first names.

The choice of the forename is therefore not left to chance, but it is subject to the Law of the Attraction of Homogeneous Species. Our name reflects who we are. Its vibration is a valuable help for our life on earth. It helps us to awaken our own powers.

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