Tuesday, March 9, 2010

How do we Manage the Water Needs of our Body?, Part 2


Thirst is the body’s alarm that goes off when it starts running out of water. It not only incites us to drink, but to drink enough in order to correct the hydrous deficit.

Some people admit to not feeling a thirst sensation and consequently drink very little. Quite often this results in them not drinking in spite of the thirst signals emitted by the body, which in turn begin to manifest in an increasingly discreet manner and end up almost completely disappearing.

Thankfully, as with all physiological functions, a dormant thirst sensation can be reawakened. It is sufficient for such a person to force himself to drink normally, even if he does not feel the need. After a few days he will then notice, with surprise, how thirsty he is in spite of all that he drinks!

What should we drink?

The ideal drink for human beings is water, as it is the only one offered by nature. In order to drink approximately two litres a day it must taste good. Tap water is usually good, but if this is not the case there are three possible solutions.

Water filters can be used that rid the water of excess chlorine and other impurities. Also filling a jug with water and leaving it in the refrigerator will evaporate the chlorine and give the water a better taste.

The third solution consists of drinking bottled spring water or slightly mineralised mineral water. It makes no difference if the bottled water is still or sparkling; it is simply a question of personal taste. It can likewise be drunk cold, warm or hot.

It is preferable physiologically to spread our water consumption over the day rather than to “fill up” once or twice a day. In this latter case the volume ingested in one single lot would be too great. It is normal to drink a little at meals because it helps to humidify and dilute dry foods, but the larger part of drinking liquids should be done in between meals.

The rule of thumb: “drink every time you feel thirsty” is therefore relevant and the best way to follow this remains by drinking water!

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