Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Creation vs. Evolution: A Mistaken Contradiction, Part 2

The Key: A Broader Approach
In spite of appearances, Creationism and Evolutionism are not irreconcilable because their elements of truth are not at the same level. In fact, the Creationist refers to the creation of souls while the Evolutionist refers to the physical bodies in which souls incarnate.

For the sake of simplicity we will limit ourselves to animals and human beings. The creation of the animal species followed by that of Man, as described in the Bible, and on which Creationists base their arguments, concerns the animating core of these creatures, that is, the animal soul (souls of dogs, horses, apes, etc.) and the human spirit. They were all created by God, each with its own characteristics.

Now, the human spirit needs a physical body in which to incarnate and sojourn on earth just as the animal soul also needs a body of dense gross matter for the same purpose. But where were these vessels on earth? At the beginning they were not available on planet Earth and needed to be formed.

These vessels were not formed simultaneously as a group but rather developed one after the other through a process of evolution spanning eons, as precisely emphasized by the evolutionist approach.

A Lengthy Evolution of the Physical Bodies
The most basic animal soul incarnated in the simplest animal body comprising only one cell. In its struggle for survival that specie brought itself to a higher stage and through its multiplication gave more perfected souls the opportunity of incarnation in these improved bodies. These souls in turn brought their bodies up to a higher level thus allowing yet more elaborate souls to incarnate. The process repeated itself until the forming of physical bodies of the great apes in whose bodies human spirits finally incarnated instead of souls of apes.

These apes became eventually extinct. The incarnation of human spirits in their bodies occurred within a very definite period. The great apes under reference had attained their highest stage of development on earth. Though different, their faculties were nearest to those of human spirits still under-developed at that time since they were at the beginning of their evolutionary journey. Thus the most developed of the lower species was able to provide a vessel to the least developed of the higher species. That vessel eventually became more human so that human spirits could incarnate into human bodies and no longer into bodies of apes.

It must be noted that a more developed body, not a different one, is handed down in the evolutionary process. The animating core actually makes the difference. The ape did not hand down a human body but the body of an ape to the spirit. It is only when the spirit took possession of that body and began to utilise it that it finally acquired a human form.

Souls Already Created
The progressive evolution of physical bodies here on earth thus gave the various souls in the beyond the opportunity to gradually incarnate, as and when vessels which they needed to come to earth were formed. Therefore an evolution exists at the level of physical bodies, and not at the level of souls which had already existed as such before their incarnation since they were created by God. They do not, therefore, originate from each other. The soul of an ape cannot develop into a human spirit any more than a human spirit can regress to become the soul of an ape. The Creationists and Evolutionists are not in opposition but are complementary. Man, with a spirit core, is not a descendant of the ape; only his body comes from it.

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