Monday, October 26, 2009

The Mystery of the Blood, Part 2

The unrecognized role of the blood

The examples given earlier demonstrated what happens in extreme cases, when the organism in its entirety, body and blood, is threatened by danger. The priorities were clear; the body was sacrificed in order to save the blood. The blood, therefore, was more important. Yet a fundamental question begs to be asked: if the body is there to serve the blood, what is the blood there to serve? In fact, if the blood is more important than the body, the element that the blood serves must be more important still. But what is it?

The most important reason why the blood exists is to serve the spirit. The role of the blood is to form a connecting link between the body and the spirit. Without the blood the spirit could not incarnate nor stay incarnated in the physical body that serves as its instrument or tool. The spirit therefore is not connected to the body but to the blood and through it, the body. We can now understand why the body works so vigorously for the blood, that it is even willing to sacrifice itself for the blood. Without the blood there is no connecting bridge and therefore no physical life. If the body is alive it is not because of the blood but because of the spirit connected to the body through the blood.

New therapeutic horizons

The fact that the blood plays the role of bridge signifies that the spirit can be reached through its intermediary. Because food regimes or special diets react upon the composition of the blood, this can change the «spiritual» state of man and alter his state «of being». The many people today who suffer from undefined, yet persistent fears, depression and disturbances can therefore be treated without pharmaceutical remedies that act upon the nerves and the brain, but by returning the blood to its ideal composition. The treatment utilized is simple and natural. It involves giving the blood what it is missing through a food regime and taking vitamins and minerals adapted to each particular case, as well as by purifying the blood through short-term diets and draining techniques (with plants for example). In this way, not only will the body feel better, but also the spirit.

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